Former Councillor of 22 years – Ross Jamieson


“When the voters elected Charlene Biggerstaff in the Ward 1 by-election last year, they made a very good choice. During that campaign, I was impressed by the amount of study and preparation she had done.

As a former Councillor myself for 22 years, I knew exactly what the job entailed and what was required to do the job well. Charlene took the initiative to contact me to arrange to meet with me to discuss a long list of matters relating to this position. She came to the meeting very well prepared and I could tell by her questions that she had a good understanding of the issues — particularly relating to the critical areas of municipal planning and finance.

After the campaign was over, Charlene “hit the ground running” and didn’t miss a beat when she was sworn in to office. Over the year-and-a-half since then, she has been rock solid in the performance of her duties. She has truly earned the support of the voters and I am proud to endorse Charlene once again, knowing that the town and Ward 1 will be in very good hands for the next four years.”

Ross Jamieson

“Having known Charlene for many years both personally and professionally,  I can honestly say that I would feel very fortunate to have her as my ward councilor.

I’ve known Charlene to be hardworking, dedicated, honest, kind & approachable.  Shes a straight shooter,  she’s not the politician that will lie to get a vote. I’m confident in Charlene & feel that she has shown a dedication to this community and will continue to strive to do her best for her ward.”
Heather Saint



Hi Councillor Biggerstaff,

“I just wanted to say thank you for all you have done to support me in my push for Lyme Disease awareness. The first thing I would like to thank you for was attending my Lyme awareness day at RL Graham. You had great advice and encouraged  me to make a video that now has over 1.5k views and 87 likes as well as a big fat goose egg for dislikes😉!!  It is important to spread awareness as many ways as we can. To top things off, you showed my video to Carolyn enabling me to speak in front of town council in turn making May Lyme Disease awareness month official in Georgina.

Another huge thank you and I would love to see you at R.L.Graham’s Lyme awareness day 2018 if possible (I know you are really busy).”

Have a good night,



I don’t do this kinda of thing often, but my friend Charlene Biggerstaff deserves a shout out. Charlene is running to be Re-elected in the municipal election for Ward 1, I can honestly say she is the right person for the job and you should vote for her! I have gotten to know her and she is an honest person with a big heart and a bit of sass. I even helped her deliver flyers because I know she has what it takes to keep doing the work. She started midterm; she did not miss a step. I have watched her in the past 2 years dedicate herself to learning the role of Councillor and I have seen how she is willing to talk to anyone who has a question. Charlene is one of a kind – we would be lucky to have her. Get out and vote BIG!

Heather Barns

Nice work compliling this site Charlene!

You are an inspiration to me. Good luck to you in your journey…not that you’ll need it.

Yours in community health matters,
Dr. Bob Pike – Georgina

June 10

In the past several weeks I’ve been asked by many if I am going to throw in my hat for the upcoming Georgina Municipal Election for WARD 1. The people have clearly spoken in the pervious by-election and voted for Charlene Biggerstaff . I believe she deserves a chance to continue serving a full term and finish what she’s started during her short term in office. As such, I will not be running in this upcoming election. I wish all candidates best of luck and thank you all for your tireless efforts. You have no idea how much work goes into this.

God Bless,

Silviu Bona

Hello Charlene
I attended the candidate debate for ward 1and was pleased to see that we have many concerned people who care about the community.

I noticed that you were the only candidate to mention anything to do with the health of the lake which I think is integral to all the aspirations of the resident uses. Also attracting any tourists by developing beaches that they might want to use

I am hoping that you might be a champion for the cause, I believe that the lake is a more valuable asset if it is healthy and I also believe that if the town folk can be motivated to care then that could affect our farming community to start to care also
I hope you are successful come election day and become a motivating force on council in this matter.
Joe- Georgina – 2017