Hello, I am Charlene Biggerstaff and welcome to my website! Please, take a look at the pages which provide an overview of my background, and accomplishments.

My career has been largely focused on the tourism industry, wellness field, and community initiatives; where I gravitated to highly visible and dynamic management roles and reported directly to the executive level, often in times of growth and/or in newly created positions.

For 10+ years, I was a multi-award winning social entrepreneur focused to promote, connect talent and develop equity and inclusion programs throughout York Region. I coined 10 Levels, facilitated 6500+ hours at the Therapy Level, and as a volunteer produced and hosted 100 shows for Rogers TV.

As the natural leader of the cooperative vision, I guided the yearly work plans, set marketing and the overall strategy. I understood the importance and employed authentic brand development and responsible communication, for both the internal culture and the external growth.

I lead partnership development and the capacity building initiatives. Managed the administration team to support the day to day operations. Led the Program Coordination role for 30-45 seasonal registration programs/workshops, held at the studio/community hub and by the mobile program delivery team, which serviced government agencies and non-profits.

Since my youth, I have been a natural spokesperson inclined to participate and advocate toward community wellness – and I have not been afraid to challenge the status quo. Early on I understood the power of collaboration, demonstrated emotional maturity and good judgment in working teams and in committees.

Driven by bold thinking, I researched emerging issues, developed a community message, gathered a team of volunteers and supporters, and led 2 non-partisan political campaigns at the municipal level – the first which I was successful in.

The role of a Councillor exemplified many of my accumulated skills and I delivered what I promised.

In February 2019, I announced the closure of my business and a teaching sabbatical. Since I have taken on freelance business consulting projects and a short term role in retail management – a little therapy of my own you could say!

I am now entering the job market and I look forward to putting my skills to work for you soon!

Charlene_Headshot 2018B

Yours sincerely,

Charlene Biggerstaff