• Honest, diligent and natural aptitude for relationship building and community engagement

• Entrepreneur spirited; experienced to evaluate, plan, implement and organize toward key business drivers

• Proficient liaison with various government representatives and staff, corporate and community agencies

• Experienced at high recognition level brand creation, multi-channel marketing and in communications


Ten Yoga    Owner and Teacher, Georgina                        2007 – 2019

  • Created the vision, developed the business plan and yearly strategic plans, that lead Ten Yoga to be multi-award winning and the longest running mobile agency, studio operation and TV programming in Georgina
  • Establish a consistency of 30+ weekly mobile and studio yoga programs by forecasting trends, organized and planned in bi annual cycles, recruited, negotiated contracts and acted as a liaison to a team of 5 – 10 independent contractors
  • Directed team in brand creation, developed marketing strategy for website and social media content
  • Implemented and trained company procedures and best practises, and lead an administration and marketing team of 2
  • Sourced workflow improvements and oversaw technology implantation that reduced operational budget by 25%
  • Collaborated with Township Recreation department to increase program capacity by 400% over 10 years
  • Lead facilitator for 7+ years of programming for Town of Georgina, Southlake Hospital – ACCT, Southdown International Psychiatric Institute, York Region and Catholic School Boards, for numerous charities and corporations
  • Facilitated 6000+ hours of programming/workshops over 11 years, specialized in accessibility and recovery, and covered mindfulness, wellness, change and stress management approaches
  • Writer, host and volunteer coordinator at Rogers TV Georgina, 100 shows are completed and are televised in 4 areas

Councillor                 Ward 1 Councillor, Georgina              2017 – 2018

  • Represented 15,000 citizens, deliberated policies and enacted by-laws that were in line with strategic goals and the civic well-being of all 50,000 residents in Georgina and co-operatively governed a $90 million budget with a $1 million surplus and steadily increased long term reserves
  • Oversaw the foundational stages of $65 million in capital projects, while ensuring service levels for; roads conditions, building maintenance, water safety and recreation were adjusted to civic driven concerns and within budget constraints
  • Supported asset management planning initiatives and long term replacement funding, drove economic plans, ensured environmental protection, while respecting Municipal law and community concerns
  • Engaged and educated citizens with wide ranging concerns, participated in various community inchoatives and events
  • Acted as Council Representative on the Library, Environmental, Selection, and Equity / Diversity Committees

Candidate             Two Nomination Periods, Georgina         2016 – 2018
• Researched and read 20+ Provincial and Municipal Official and Strategic plans, and gathered community concerns to formulate a strategic plan, campaign integrity and clear messaging
• Acted as Project Manager, instrumental in leading project timelines, developing documentation and maintaining budgets to assist in the delivery of campaigns and creative assets
• Directed and oversaw creation of the brand, marketing materials, advertisements, 30+ blogs, web site, and social media content and timing
• Rallied the support of 25 nomination signatures, raised $3000+ in supportive funding and lead 20+ volunteers in distribution and campaign duties
• Completed 6 rounds of the door to door campaigning with over 5000 homes
• Participated in 2 televised all-candidates debates and at 1 presentation to the business and community

Executive Coordinator       Crates Landing, Georgina        2007 – 2009

  • Assisted in developing procedures for office opening, lead administration, maintained purchasers personal information records, detailed sales tracking, along with writing purchase contracts that secured $25 million in deposits in 60 days for upscale waterfront Condo Developer on Lake Simcoe
  • Presented multi-million dollar waterfront development details to executive level prospects in order to sell waterfront living condo units and a lifestyle resort
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Yours Truly,

Charlene Biggerstaff